Friday, November 30, 2012

Art Color Blocking~

I found this cool art piece at our church Youth Day Garage Sale I paid $5.00.  I liked ;most' of the color blocking with the exception of the maroon.  I don't know what it is about the color, but I truly do not care for it.  I used to have rugs, pillows & towels in maroon but it has been as of late that my dislike has come about.  Since I was happy with the other colors of this art piece I decided to paint out the maroon.
 Like any good DIYer I taped off the rest of the blocks & gave the maroon blocks a good key with a sanding block~
 I knew I had some off white spray paint so that is what I used plus I wanted to lighten up the piece a bit~
 All the other blocks had some antiquing so I added a small amount of glaze I already had from another project & antiqued the newly painted blocks too~
Here is the finished product~
I am on the look out for a super shiny sealer for the newly painted blocks, I bought 2 & sprayed them on  but it just does not have a high enough gloss as the others. Other than the fact that the off white blocks are not as glossy as the others I am pretty happy with the way it looks~
What do you think?  Better?
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FYI~I am in the middle of decorating our home for Christmas & will have pictures to share soon~

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Retro Stool Redo For Less Than $5.00

I have always had a thing for these old step stools as they invoke fond memories of visiting my grandnana's home.  She had one just like this in her kitchen, same color & feel, heavy & sturdy!  I found this beauty at an estate sale for $3.00 it had paint splattered all over the seat & steps, but I knew I could easily REDO it & make it look new once again.  I actually had it for  few years as my husband did not really care for it, he would put it outside & I would bring itback in & hide it in my craft closet & again he would take it out hoping it would rust, but I would rescue it once again.  
It had felt on it,(my doing) I tried to clean it off with nail polish remover, but it would not budge~
Even the steps were covered in dried up old paint~
Over all it was in very good condition all the parts worked the way they should & it was intact~
I got so tired of the little dance my husband & I were doing with him taking it out & me rescuing it that I decided the last time he went on a trip I would make it look shiny & new~
I started out covering the areas I did not want to paint WITH, yep you guessed it aluminium foil, I knew it would take me forever to tape it so I thought a while, what might I use to cover all these turns & curves that aluminum came to mind, let me tell you it worked like a charm & I would encourage you to try it too, it would save you a lot of work since it is so malleable. As you can see I even removed the rubber steps so that I could get a good coat of paint!
 I first started out with sanding the piece down, it had caked on paint that had been on for years so I needed to make it smooth, next came the primer.  I have been looking for metal clear primer, but can not seem to locate any, anyone have an idea as to where I might get it?
 I needed to find a can of paint that I already had on hand, I knew I had some bright colors, but I wanted softer tones kind of earthy & came upon brown and went for it~
 The legs are chromed which also had some caked on paint and were in pretty bad shape with markings & just looking old & rusty, I had some steel wool & buffed my little heart out, and let me tell you I am so glad I took the time to do this extra step, because the legs look FAB~
 I thought I had some vinyl but when I looked I did not find any & since I painted the stool brown I needed something that would look good so I went to the fabric store & found this beige vinyl remnant 3/4 yards for $1.81 total, yea me!
 I taped the back of the stool with guess what? scotch tape & I am so glad I did as it gave me VERY straight & crisp lines so that I can paint a beige wide stripe since I am crazy about everything monogrammed I painted one right on the back with a crown too~
Okay, if you look close you can clearly see that the "T" is not completely centered, but that is okay with me!  Oh and guess what?  My husband loved it when he returned home & saw my redo & now he seems to be the only one to use it!  Huh go figure!  Oh and one more thing I paid less than $5.00 for this whole project!!!

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A Glimpse Inside

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scary Time~

 As I was getting ready one day in mid October I noticed a rather large lump near my throat and I panicked, I panicked for several reasons I thought since my son has a very, very rare type of cancer and my beautiful mother had cancer I thought~ OH NO!  My angel was diagnosed with this rare cancer, DFSP when he was just shy of his 7th birthday, very scary & so sad to see your little angel go through so much.  We are praying for a good report on his next appointment with his oncologist in December, please pray for him. Okay, so I panicked and I phoned our ENT since I was also loosing my voice I thought they might be related.  I visited him a few days later and sure enough he found another lump & told me I had two tumors, TWO? I thought I only had the one lump, never put the word tumor to this said lump and here he found another? By this point I have almost no voice, people think I am sick, but I do not hurt in any way with the exception of the muscles in my throat seem to get tired. He did some tests & found that since my mother had cancer & now my son I had better have some other tests done so he sent me for a CAT scan and when that came back positive for tumors he sent me to have them biopsied.  TALK about PAIN oh my that hurt so much.  YIKES! During this time I had no desire to write or post anything on my blog because I was so depressed, so sad, so scared and I felt so alone. I waited too many days including over a weekend for the results of the biopsies I was a nervous wreck and I started picking at my cuticles.  I received my results on a Tuesday mid morn and I am thrilled to say the tumors are benign.  I will see my Dr. this week to go over my options to get rid of the tumors.  I have no idea what he will suggest, but I will be happy since I just might get my voice back. It is difficult to talk & for people to understand me.
I wish to THANK YOU, for sticking with me and not giving up on me and my little blog.  I will continue to write this said little blog, as one of my friends pointed out, it could be therapeutic for me, and I MUST AGREE! AGAIN~
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